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What does a recommendation code mean?

In case you have been rejected after a job interview even though you were well presented, have a look in your rejection letter for a recommendation code. Consider the recommendation code as value estimate and recommendation of your person to partner companies of our community.The members of the ITbawü.de-community prefer recommended candidates. Obtained as a consequence of the recommendation codes within a short time feedback on your application and promptly invited for an interview.

Why does it works? On ITbawü.de, companies involved with similar interests in a community, to recommend candidates. The partners decide together on a regular basis, according to what criteria a referral code will be given. You can find the current criteria here What criteria must be met for you to get a recommendation code?

The partner company is aware that it is often only nuances in the expression of your skills and knowledge, which influence the decision. The recruiters know your strengths and want to inspire for the region. Your recommendation about the referral code is a proof of that.

Take your chance by using the recommendation code in your application.

What criteria must be met for you to get a recommendation code?

You get the recommendation code when the following criteria (current checklist, valid from February 2009) are met:

  • You possess special skills and knowledge in relation to your industry,
  • You convinced by presenting your professional knowledge.
  • You convinced in the interview with your excellent social skills and mental strength combined with a strong focus on business,
  • You fit the searched profiles of the members of the community and
  • You have left a sympathetic and competent impression at the interview in total.

What happens to the applicants data?

  • All Data, send in with an application, including all uploadet data, will only be used to generate e-mails to deliver your application to your selected companies.
  • Once the emails have left the systems of this community, all information and data provided here will be deleted. This applies both to the technical server data as well as documents.

Who can get a recommendation code?

  • Excellent candidates who had a job interview and get to the shortlist.
  • Interesting candidates who have sent convincing documents, but at the time no interview was possible.
  • Excellent staff who can not be employed any longer due to economic changes.
  • Very good trainees and students who could not be transferred.

Which types of recommendation codes there are?

  • Each partner manages two types of referral codes. The first type is interesting application. You can get it, if you have interesting application documents and that the partner like to know you, but unfortunately can’t offer you a job interview at the time.
  • The second type is for recommended professionals. You can get it, if you have been invited and made it to the shortlist. For this code, the above-mentioned criteria list „Which are the criterias you need“ applies. No matter what code you are using for the next application through our website, the partners consider the assessment of their industry peers and prefer this application.

How do I know what type my referral code is?

When you add your referral code to an application here in the portal, you receive the type (interesting application, recommended application). You can enter all the codes and then choose a selection (Add / Remove).

What means „outdated“ code?

Each partner of the community manages its recommendation codes itself. Periodically recommendation codes are updated. The old recommendation codes are not deleted, and can still be used on your next application. Both, you and the partners, can see that an older code was used. The partners can only deduce how current the recommendation for your application is.

How many and which referral codes should I enter in an application?

If you have more than one code, first enter all and check their type. You can remove individual codes again. Be sure to leave all the codes for „recommended application“ in the list. You've made it to these companies shortlisted. If there are several codes the recommendation of a partner is confirmed by the other. If you only have older referral codes, enter them also necessarily.


How to become a partner with ITbawü.de?

Use the registration form to sign up at ITbawü.de. You can find all details under registry.

Who is in the community?

In the community there are dedicated regional entrepreneurs, sponsors, managers of clubs and associations, local representatives, scientists and lecturers. Among the founders of the community are 13 of the growing IT, software and computer science companies-companies in Baden-Wurttemberg.

What idea does the community pursue

The idea of the portal is a network in which the growing IT-companies mutually recommend qualified professionals. Industry contacts become transparent because of a recommendation code. The job entry is also easier for returnees in their old home. Applicants who are excellent but did not get the job for various reasons, get the recommendation code. With this code, candidates apply online in the partner portal at the other members of this community. Their rules ensures a common understanding of quality and competence of the candidates.

Who gets a recommendation code?

  • Excellent candidates who had a job interview and get to the shortlist.
  • Interesting candidates who have sent convincing documents, but at the time no interview was possible.
  • Excellent staff who can not be employed any longer due to economic changes.
  • Very good trainees and students who could not be transferred.

What are the community rules?

  • Membership in the community is governed by contract and will be confirmed in writing by both companies.
  • The community is based on mutual trust and appreciation.
  • Published vacancies must be current.
  • The number of vacancies shall not exceed the number of planned job offers.
  • Links are only allowed to the own internet presence of the member. Links to other content are not allowed.
  • Each member is obligated to update the changes to the workforce and the changes to the number of learners in the company annually.
  • Each member agrees to notify after final decision the applicants cancelled within seven days of the decision on the refusal.
  • Each member undertakes to invited applicants, which will be cancelled at the end of the conversation, personally to recommend to the portal.
  • Particularly suitable candidates who can not be set within the organization for various reasons receive the rejection letter a recommendation code, with which they can apply as recommended by partner companies of this community ITbawü.de.
  • Each member uses in the rejection letter the common wording regarding the recommendation on the portal.
  • If a member breaks one of this rules, a delinquency procedure comes into effect . If there is no adequate response, the member is excluded from the community. Sanctions and penalties are agreed contractually.

What are the duties of a partner in the community

The partners ...

  • use the portal for employee recruitment based on an annual membership contribution,
  • publish and update the vacancies, company information and news,
  • act according to the rules of the community,
  • meet on a quarterly basis for the evaluation of the results with the portal and
  • exchange ideas about further developments.

How many jobs can a partner set

Members of the community ITbawü.de have the option to publish an unlimited number of vacancies per year. Compare it with a flat rate for vacancies

What criteria must an applicant meet, so you can recommend him with a recommendation code to your partners?

The candidate receives a recommendation code when he meets the criteria of the following list (valid from February 2009 current checklist):

  • The candidate has industry-specific innate skills and knowledge
  • the candidate presented his professional knowledge in the interview convincingly,
  • the candidate convinced with his social competence and his mental strenght combined with a strong focus on business in the interview,
  • The candidate fits the profiles of community members and
  • left a sympathetic and competent impression at the interview in total.

What criteria must an applicant meet, so you can recommend him with a recommendation code due to his filings

The applicant receives the referral code when he meets the criteria of this list (updated checklist, effective from October 2009):

  • The applicant has convincingly special skills and knowledge
  • Candidate fits the profiles of community members and
  • the application materials are complete and neat.

Why is a checklist for the award of recommendation codes created and updated?

The checklist is the basis for a common understanding of all community members about the characteristics of recommended candidates. Through your signature on the partnership agreement for the community ITbawü.de you have accepted that you recomment suitable candidates which can not be put in your organization, to the members of the community.

At what point do I award the referral code

Cancelled, but suitable applicants must be informed within seven days. The recommendation code must be in the rejection letter. The rejection letter contains in an, for all community members identical, single passage the recommendation code.

How will the applicant receive his recommendation code

If a company can not take a suitable candidate, the candidate gets a recommendation code with the rejection letter.

What form does the recommendation code have

Each partner defines a recommendation code (any numbers/letters) and deposits it in this portal. One referral code stands for exactly one partner. So other companies can recognize which company it is. The recommendation code can be changed at anytime via the portal

How is ensured that each candidate receives his recommendation code

Recommended applicants will receive the code in the sent rejection letter. There is a code for each partner.


Why should you sponsor our ITbawü.de ?

Your engagement creates attractiveness to inspire professionals for Baden-Wurttemberg. You contribute significantly to ensuring that employees want to stay true to the company in the long term. The professionals of the IT-companies are highly motivated and willing to perform, beacause of the challenging work tasks and the good working environment.

Who is sponsoringITbawü.de?

ITbawü.de welcomes sponsors from different sectors. The condition is to identify yourself and your company with the rules and goals of the community. You represent a club or association, you are local representatives, ↪ academics, lecturer or even a completely private patron of local economic profiling? The initiators of the community are looking forward to hear from you. Companies who are currently not recruiting but recieving applications from IT-professionals, can try the sponsor status.

How do I become a sponsor of the partnerportal ITbawü.de?

Use the contact form, select the categorie "Sponsors" and contact us to communicate your personal interests. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You will find any further details at contact on ITbawü.de.

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