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A well-known domestic unicorn company in the field of autonomous driving is rapidly occupying the autonomous driving market through its core technology, and is moving in the direction of realizing unmanned driving. At present, the company has received investment from large German car companies such as Daimler. It is developing related businesses in Germany and rapidly expanding its local team. It is looking forward to the participation of elites who are engaged in or intend to engage in autonomous driving.

Currently the company has a new position as a Go or Python back-end developer. As long as you have about a year of experience in the development of the language for large-scale web servers, you also have the opportunity to catch the express train in the field of autonomous driving and move forward quickly. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to the headhunting mailbox:

Work location: Stuttgart, Germany

  • Lead or participate in the development and iteration of the company's data platform, labeling platform, and training platform back-end services.
  • Working language Germany, German or Chinese language skills is a plus
  • Requirement: Familiar with Golang or Python or C++.
  • At least 1 year of development experience using the above language on a large-scale web service backend or similar system.
  • Familiar with K8s, distributed systems, big data cloud services is preferred
  • Familiar with public cloud service products, such as AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, etc. will be a plus
  • Those who have prior experience with artificial intelligence systems will have a plus

If you are interested in the above positions and want to catch the express train in this industry, please send your resume in English and Chinese to, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Full-time position.

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